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Bobo Corporation, a small home appliance giant advancing into the world… Overseas market expansion despite consumption slump due to Corona

Constant analysis of consumer needs is the key... Active entry into overseas e-commerce market

Bobo Corporation (CEO Jo Jom-hwan), a household appliance company recently selected as a global small giant in 2020, continues to expand its overseas market despite the global consumption contraction due to the corona crisis. .

Bobo Corporation, which launched an eco-friendly air purifier under the brand name Lee Moonsen, is currently expanding its global business network by actively advancing into e-commerce as well as overseas offline markets.

In particular, it is attracting attention as it is expanding its business in various fields such as Amazon, which has the largest online market share in the US, as well as giant retailers Home Depot and Walmart.

Lee Moon-sen's air purifier, which is about to be released, is also known to be launched simultaneously in online stores in foreign countries as well as in Korea. .

An official from Bobo Corporation said, “It is true that the manufacturing industry has slumped due to recent bad news including the corona virus. tried,” he said. An official again mentioned, “Including Amazon in the U.S., which opened at the end of last year and is generating steady sales, in April of this year, there were achievements such as opening stores in Home Depot, Walmart, and Loews, which are famous as distribution chains.” “Home Depot It is well known that companies such as Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart are only selling products from well-known brands that have been verified. >
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